Meet Sokha

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Meet Sokha. She is 16 years old and she is one of the members of our reporter group. She studies grade nine at Pheam Ek Primary School and she would love to show you about English class at Children's Future. English class is a part of the school program. All students at CFI who finish [...]

Interview Commune Chief

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Saron has been the chief of Pheam Ek Commune since early 2018. In Pheam Ek there are eight villages (including Sous Ey, where CFI is located), two primary schools, a secondary school, a health care center and a police station. Most people in the commune work as farmers or construction workers or run small businesses. [...]

Meet Phanit

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Phanit is one of the most improved students at CFI. He is 15 years old. He studies grade 10 at Kdol high school, is​ the only child in his family and started with CFI in 2012. At the end of the school day, he attends CFI, where he takes supplementary classes. This semester, Phanit’s schedule [...]

Learning Center at CFI

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Channy is one of our new student reporters. In this story she shares her thoughts about CFI’s learning center. Channy is 12 years old and she studies at Pheam Ek Primary School. The CFI Learning Center is on the right side of the main CFI office. There are 6 class rooms, 1 library and 1 [...]

Meet Sreymet

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Sreymet is 14 years old and she studies grade 7 at Peam Ek secondary school. She has been start with CFI since she was 7 years old and has become an independent, and responsible student for her studying. Also she is one of our member in reporter club. Now she wants to share her thought [...]

NGI Program

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CFI school is place that provides a chance to all children to access through education. CFI helps students to be confident and be brave to share their idea to the group or the team in each program at CFI. CFI also works very closely with all students by teaching and providing other training, especially NGI [...]

Where We Eat

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Srey Mao is one of our student reporters. She is 20 years old and she studies at Kdol Don Teav High School. Her story is about the kitchen at CFI. In Khmer the word for the kitchen is the ‘pteah bai’.  This means rice house. We eat rice here with every meal. Our kitchen is [...]

Meet Vasin

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Vasin is one of the highest achieving students at CFI. She is nine years old and started studying with CFI in October 2017. Vasin has two older brothers and is the youngest child in her family. After public school ends, she comes to the Learning Center, where she can take supplementary classes in English, computer [...]

A Visit from a Long-time Friend

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This year was very special for the Children’s Future family as we got to celebrate our annual New Year’s Party with David Asseoff, CFI’s Board President, and his family as well as Jenny Ciucci, CFI’s co-founder. We held the party in the garden behind our learning center. Our garden provides a safe space for the [...]

From Class Joker to Valedictorian

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Last semester, Daninh, a fourth grade student at CFI, was the joker in his class, frequently misbehaving, talking with other students, and disrupting the lesson. He was beloved by his classmates, but, unfortunately, he wasn’t improving in school. His teachers tried to discipline Daninh, but to no avail. With little success through traditional disciplinary measures, [...]