Project Description

Sitha copy


Social Worker

Sitha is a Social Worker, with a particular focus on supporting our reintegrated youth who live in group homes. She grew up as a Children’s Future beneficiary, progressing from student, to volunteer, intern, and now a full staff member. “I want to change my community, and I think that supporting these children is the best way that I can do that. I used to be poor too, with no one was taking care of me. My family would leave me at home to take care of my siblings even when I was quite young. I want these children to have a different life, and I think the best way I can do that is to support them as a social worker.” Her skills have been developed and encouraged by her team, she says. “Everyone at Children’s Future is so open and supports one another. We talk to each other and help each other improve. This work is challenging but we can do it when we have solidarity with each other.”