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COVID-19: we need you now more than ever

Physical distancing is a privilege – it means you live in a house or a community where space is not a problem.

Hand washing is a privilege too – it means you have access to clean running water.

Buying hand sanitizer, soap and a mask is a privilege – it means you have enough money to buy additional purchases you had not planned
Lock-downs, as unwanted as they are, is also a privilege – it means you do not have to leave your house for work.

All of these things are not accessible to the families that CFI works with. Most live in abject poverty, on less than a dollar a day, meaning they must leave the house each day to earn the money they need to keep their families alive.

Most of the ways to prevent COVID-19 – are only accessible to the wealthy.

Join the CFI family now to help support vulnerable families when they need it most.