Impact Story

Meet Channith, a former student at CFI who is now a full-time computer teacher at the Learning Center.

Channith has three siblings, one girl and one boy. The family situation was so bad both of his parents were working as construction workers to support the family, and they struggled most to feed the family and paying for school materials and uniforms. 

When he started with CFI in 2011, he was around 12 years old and studied in grade five at the public school. 

During Channith’s time as a student at CFI, he got support to study in supplemental classes such as Khmer, Math, English, and Computer.  Each year Channith also got school materials and uniforms. 

After he finished high school, CFI provided scholarships to study at the university and an opportunity to apply for an internship at CFI. Now, he’s a full-time computer teacher at our Learning Center. 

Channith told us if CFI was not here, he might not be able to finish secondary school and find a good job to prepare for the better future that he has now. The biggest part that CFI has impacted in his life was providing a good education.

Channith would like to say a huge thank you to CFI, especially the individual donor who was there to help him and many kids who struggle like him to be able to find a better

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This is just one of many students who impact by your support.

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