Why We’re Here

In the 1970s, the Khmer Rouge genocide killed one quarter of the Cambodian population. They targeted anyone with an education, killing teachers, artists, doctors, and more.

Today, the children in Battambang still feel the effects of this tragedy. Living in a community still coping with trauma, a community where caretakers are unable to guarantee them a safe and healthy childhood, these kids are forced to grow up too quickly. Children as young as five leave home to work in the fields or factories. Girls as young as seven lured into the sex trade.

Children’s Future exists to help this community heal, one child, one family at a time.

Our Programs

Each child we work with is unique. We address the specific problems facing the individual. Our three main programs work together to create meaningful and lasting change for the children who need it.

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For a child to succeed in school, that child must be happy, healthy, and safe. That means they must have enough food, a safe place to live, a caretaker who can help them deal with emotional stress, and much, much more. Our social workers know each of our students intimately, and make sure that these needs are being met. If a student is in need, we offer things like food support, emotional counseling, independent living options, and free access to health care.

  • 190 community members treated at the Health Center
  • 80 students fed daily
  • 54 families given rice each month
  • 5 urgent social work cases processed each week
  • 35 bicycles provided for safe and easy transport

Children’s Future operates an independent Learning Center in Battambang. Our Education program first gets children up to speed and in school. Then, through our after school learning and enrichment programs, we give our students the competitive edge needed to succeed and thrive in today’s world.

  • 251 students at Learning Center
  • 119 students in English class
  • 67 students enrolled in Khmer
  • 84 students enrolled in math
  • 41 students enrolled in computer courses
  • 11 students attending college

When families and local staff are able to care for children themselves, the community takes ownership of much of the work done by Children’s Future, and prevents many of the problems Children’s Future addresses. Furthermore, Community Development provides children with adult role models from within the community.

  • 584 community members served
  • Monthly family workshops covering issues including: nutrition, reproductive health and domestic abuse
  • 95% local Cambodian staff employed at the Learning Center
  • Monthly professional development workshops for staff members
  • 1 microloan each month to support family-run enterprises
  • 5 professional internships at the Learning Center for CF graduates

Impact Stories

Meet Sophannak, a former student at CFI who is now a full-time Communication Officer at Children’s Future International.

Sophannak is the second child in the family whose mother died when he was 11. His father married into a new family and migrated to work in Thailand. Sophannak was left behind to live with his mom’s auntie with two of my aunties…

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Meet Phalla, the Finance Officer at Children’s Future International (CFI). Phalla was a former CFI student. When she was younger, she received supplementary education support from CFI. 

In 2017, she graduated high school and started her Accounting degree at the University of Vanda with a scholarship provided by CFI. She also worked as…

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Meet Channith, a former student at CFI who is now a full-time computer teacher at the Learning Center.

Channith has three siblings, one girl and one boy. The family situation was so bad both of his parents were working as construction workers to support the family, and they struggled most to feed the family and paying for school materials and uniforms…

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Meet Vanna, a Social Worker at Children’s Future International (CFI). Vanna was a former CFI student. When she was younger, she received supplementary education support from CFI. 

After graduating from high school in 2015, Vanna started her university degree as a Marketing major through a scholarship provided by CFI. At the same time, she also interned at CFI on the Social Work team…

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Every student has this potential within.
You can help them realize it.

Children’s Future currently supports approximately 250 students like Sophannak, who face daily challenges in continuing their education. Our work is not possible without your support.

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