Impact Story

Meet Sophannak, a former student at CFI who is now a full-time Communication Officer at Children’s Future International.

Sophannak is the second child in the family whose mother died when he was 11. His father married into a new family and migrated to work in Thailand. Sophannak was left behind to live with his mom’s auntie with two of my aunties.

In 2009, CFI provided supplementary classes in English and Computer skills. In 2012, he was supported by CFI to study at Dewey International School, which is one of the best schools in the city. 

After finishing high school in 2015, he applied for an internship at CFI as a computer teacher. In the same year, he got a scholarship from CFI to study information technology major at Build Bright University. 

About a year later, Sophannak became a staff member working as a Network Administrator and Computer teacher. Finally, in 2018, he got a role as a Communication Officer. 

“ From the day I started at CFI, my life has changed! I learned a lot of things from CFI, I learned new things every day, and I had a lot of friends. And there were always people around me willing to help me, like friends, teachers, and staff. And I am a lucky person to have CFI.  

Without support from CFI, I would not have been able to finish high school and go to university; and find a job that I love! Many people my age in this community have not finished school or university, and they have been forced to leave their homes and family to find work overseas just to survive.

“Children’s Future has helped many children and me in this community for over ten years now. I could not have the life I have right now without CFI, and CFI would not be here without your support. So, thank you for helping us move forward! ” Sophannak said.

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