Project Description


Lilla Smid

Managing Director

Year started at CFI: 2022

Education and previous experience: Lilla completed her studies in Hungary and Spain, obtains a bachelor’s and master’s degree in International Relations, specialized in human rights, and has qualifications in the area of culture of peace, conflicts, education, and children’s rights. She has experience working in this sector as she has been working with UNICEF Hungary as a project manager and instructor for a leading child rights education program. Lilla is a passionate advocate and keen on doing research.

What do you like about your job? “I really like the fact that my job is based on teamwork. We have a wonderful team of people at CFI, all of us committed to work towards the same goals and changes we believe in to make a difference. Every day there is constant contribution and improvement, not only do we motivate each other to be better professionals but to be better as individuals.”

How do you like to have fun? “I really enjoy being active, spending time outside, going on adventures, learning new things, and discovering different places and cultures. I love it when all this can be done in the company of family and friends.”