Project Description



Reintegration Team Leader

Year started at CFI: 2020

Education and previous experience: I graduated with a Bachelor degree in Community Development from Meanchey University (MCU) in 2015. I have worked as a social worker and senior social worker at Cambodian Children Trust since and I used to volunteer with World Vision International. I worked with youth in the community focusing on sanitation, community health, education, and vulnerable families and children. I also have experience as an assistant of administration in the Faculty of Social Sciences and Community Development 2013-2015 (MCU).

What do you like about your job? “I like working with the CFI team. I like to work with the community to promote and strengthen families’ community development and organizing projects to ensure that the children in the community are safe and protected from all forms of abuse by a network and empowering approach.”

How do you like to have fun? “I love traveling and taking good pictures with my family. I love to spend time cooking with my family”