Mony is 11 years old. He’s one of the youngest members in CFI’s reporter club. He’s in grade six at Sorm M’nos Elementary School. He has written once and now he’s happy to share his daily activity with us.

Children in Western countries may have different daily activities from the kids growing up in developing countries. However, they both go to school every day to build the capacity of education and develop their skill for future goals.

In the morning I get up at 5:45 am. I take a shower, brush my teeth and prepare myself for school. After that, I ride my bike to school. It takes me 10 minutes.

When I arrive at school it is around 6:20 am and I have breakfast with my friend at school. At my school, they sell so many kinds of food for breakfast. We have rice, bread, noodle soup and more. I usually eat rice, bread, and sometimes noodle soup but my favorite food is bread with beef meatball, it’s not too expensive and it tastes so good.

I study only in the morning and my class starts at 7 am every morning and will finish at 11 am. There four main subjects for primary school are Khmer, Math, Science, and Society. I study two or three subjects per day depending on the schedule and my favorite subject is Khmer.

After school, I go to CFI to have lunch with other kids at 11:30 am. I love to eat lunch at CFI because the food is amazing and I can chat with my friends while we are having lunch together. And my favorite food is fried fish with green mango salad, it tastes so good. Then we go home.

At 2 pm, I come back to CFI to study my Khmer and Math supplemental class till 4 pm and continue to English and Computer class till 5:35 pm. On Friday afternoon we usually play football in the football field with friends and teachers to reduce stress and exercise at the same time. After class, I ride my bike back home with my friends.

That’s a day of my life as a student in Cambodia. Thank you!