Mobile Futures program

His dream came true!

Channa dropped out of school in ninth grade and didn’t know what he would do in the future.

After participating in the Mobile Futures program in the community led by the CFI Education Advocacy team and learning about various job careers that he could make a living from, Channa decided to pursue a career as a barber.

With support from CFI and his family, Channa joined the vocational training at a barber shop in Battambang town to learn how to cut, dye, straighten, and style hair.

Six months later, Channa confidently graduated from vocational training and now wants to open a barber shop at his house.

Channa’s family is supportive of making his dream come true. Even though they didn’t have enough money to buy equipment for the start-up, they borrowed the chair from his uncle and loaned the mirror from his friend.

CFI is working with Channa to learn how to manage his small business and looking at ways to support him with the equipment he needs to make his dream come true.

Channa’s barber shop is now getting customers every day, and we can’t wait to see how his business turns out in the next couple of months.