Project For Awesome 2024

We finally did it!

Children’s Future International was selected as one among 30 organizations around the world to receive a grant from the Foundation to Decrease World Suck for participating in Project for Awesome 2024 video contest.

For those who don’t know, Project for Awesome (often abbreviated P4A) is a community-driven charitable movement on YouTube, created by the Green brothers, Hank and John, run through their VlogBrothers YouTube channel and through their online community known as Nerdfighteria. Formerly dubbed the Nerdfighter Power Project for Awesome, the project has taken place annually since 2007.

During Project for Awesome, hundreds of people post videos advocating for charities that are particularly meaningful to them. During P4A, these videos are shared with the YouTube community over the course of a 48-hour livestream, during which time they raise money to be split among the charities. The donations were split between two organizations chosen by John & Hank, along with thirty charities chosen by the online video community through voting.

CFI submitted a video to participants in the P4A in 2023 but we didn’t win and we tried again this year by submitting another wonderful success story of Sreysor, who CFI has supported since she was a child. Funny story: we missed the opportunity to share the voting link with our audience due to the time difference in Cambodia, and we thought we were not going to win this year since our supporters didn’t know to vote in time.

But guess what? Our hard work paid off! Due to the wonderful and touching story by Sreysor, people who watched the live stream voted for our video and we were selected among 30 organizations to receive the grant from Foundation to Decrease World Suck!

We are thrilled to share this amazing news with you and we can’t wait to show you how this grant is going to help a lot of children and families we’re working with in the Ek Phnom district.

We want to say thank you to everyone who voted for our video to get selected, it means a lot to us.

Watch the full video HERE