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Future Forest Ranger

By |2019-03-25T10:22:02+07:00March 10th, 2016|Uncategorized|

Minea As a young girl, Minea lived with her aunt and cousin because she had no immediate family. There was limited access to work in her village, so Minea’s family moved to Thailand when she was nine in search of manual labor. Children’s Future had not worked with her at the time, but [...]

Ahead of the Curve

By |2019-03-25T10:22:02+07:00February 23rd, 2016|Uncategorized|

Social work is the cornerstone of Children’s Future’s education program, and we’re committed to use the highest professional standards possible. The Children’s Future social work team works with high standards of practice among NGOs in Cambodia. Because of the child protection and well-being systems that the social work team has built and upheld, we are [...]

The Student Gardeners

By |2019-03-25T10:22:02+07:00January 19th, 2016|Uncategorized|

Behind the classrooms, library, and offices is a sprawling garden. At most times of the day there are a few students outside playing on the tire swing that hangs from a huge tree in the middle of the garden, or a small group huddled together in one of the grass huts practicing the guitar. There [...]

An Impact in the Home

By |2019-03-25T10:22:02+07:00January 15th, 2016|Uncategorized|

One of our social workers, Hour, has started implementing interactive group workshops with students and their families together at the Learning Center. Hour says that she takes the topics--which include include domestic violence, reproductive health, child trafficking, and life skills-- from recurring problems that she sees in the community. When so many families are having the [...]

Children’s Future’s Strong Women

By |2015-12-17T12:47:33+07:00December 17th, 2015|Uncategorized|

By Alli Barns  This year, my husband and I have had the opportunity to travel and work with organizations around the world for his job at Better Lives. During our time in Battambang, I had the chance to work with and learn from some of of the highly-driven staff and teachers from the learning center, [...]

Sreyath, Education Advocate

By |2019-03-25T10:22:02+07:00December 17th, 2015|Uncategorized|

Sreyrath, the head Children’s Future Education Advocate, makes our organization unique. Since Children’s Future created the ‘Education Advocate’ program with Sreyrath’s leadership, the rate of student dropout has decreased about 67% on average per year. Students who would otherwise be vulnerable to trafficking and endemic poverty are excelling in their education with support from Sreyrath [...]

Alternative Methods for Struggling Students

By |2019-03-25T10:22:02+07:00December 17th, 2015|Uncategorized|

By Krista Degerness My experience as a teacher trainer at Children’s Future International has been an extraordinary adventure of learning. For the first several weeks, I spent time observing the teachers as they worked with students during fun season. My goal was to determine the efficacy of the teachers’ approach, as well as to identify [...]

An Impromptu Soccer Match

By |2016-02-22T15:51:14+07:00November 27th, 2015|Uncategorized|

This year, the week of the Cambodian water festival fell on the same week as thanksgiving. To celebrate the holidays, Children`s Future gave two afternoons all to the staff, where classrooms remained closed and children and staff were able to spend time playing together. We decided to use this time to hold staff and student football [...]

Making Music

By |2019-03-25T10:22:03+07:00October 21st, 2015|Uncategorized|

Fun season is a lot noisier this year. All around school you can hear children singing, practicing clapping games, drums banging, recorders trilling, and the constant I-V-vi-IV chords being strummed on guitars making up the famous Champa Battambang song that everyone knows and loves. My name is Sopheak Sao, the music teacher at the Children's Future learning [...]

About our time in Cambodia

By |2015-10-21T17:33:07+07:00October 21st, 2015|Uncategorized|

Hello from Battambang! My name is Sarah Ruebsamen and I am the new M&E and Communications Coordinator at the Children’s Future Learning Center. Two months ago I traveled to Battambang as a volunteer from Denver, Colorado with music teacher Sopheak Sao. We have both had the privilege of working alongside the staff at the Learning [...]

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