Project Description

Lilla Réka Smid

Board member

I am from Hungary but currently based in the south of Spain with detours to the United States during the summers to work in a summer camp for children. My background is in the field of international relations, specialised in children’s rights. I have been working in the area before, such as with UNICEF Hungary as Project manager for their Child’s Rights Education Program, which was implemented in primary and high schools to raise awareness and educate the future generations by using non-formal education methods.

I have worked as the Managing director at Children’s Future International for a bit over a year. My time in Cambodia at CFI allowed me to understand and take part in the organization’s work and efforts towards supporting local, vulnerable communities to become self-reliant and have a brighter future.
I am truly passionate about the work that the team at CFI does and feel commited to be an advocate for CFI’s mission and vision, bringing it closer to both local and international crowds. I am proud to be able to represent this organization through the Board!