Sponsor a student... the right way!

At Children’s Future, child protection is our number one priority. That’s why we’ve taken a new approach to child sponsorship--one that prioritizes the dignity and privacy of each of our students.

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Sponsor a Student

Keep a student happy, healthy, and safe.
At Children’s Future, child protection is our number one priority. That’s why we’ve taken a new approach to child sponsorship. For more information, check our our FAQ

What will your sponsorship provide?

  • One-to-one support from a caring social worker
  • Hearty meals every day
  • Access to quality health care
  • Protection from child trafficking, child labor, and abuse

Cost: $35 per month

Keep a student healthy, happy, and safe!
Alone we can plant a seed. Together we can grow a garden.

Sponsor a Class

Choosing one child means overlooking a dozen. Every child deserves a chance. Class Sponsorship guarantees that every child gets one.

Class Sponsorship is our way of connecting communities of donors to communities of students. With Class Sponsorship, each donor can contribute an amount that fits within their budget. Once a class is fully funded, donors will receive quarterly updates through a private Facebook group or email newsletter. For more information, check out our FAQ.

Full educational support for 10 students:

  • Quality, caring teachers who attend to the needs of each student
  • Books and school supplies
  • School uniforms
  • Access to a meaningful 21st century education, through extra classes in English, Math, Computer Science, Music, and Art.

Cost: TBD
Full class sponsorship is $35 per student per month. Classes range from 8 to 12 students.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Ethical sponsorship puts the children’s needs first. Because our students are at critical stages of their development, and many are dealing with trauma and ongoing conflict in their lives, privacy and security are paramount. The best way to avoid the complications is to limit communications between foreign sponsors and sponsored students. This will prevent unwanted political dynamics from entering our student community, if, for instance, one student is receiving regular communications from a sponsor while others are not.
Traditional sponsorship models typically allow for direct communication between a donor and a sponsored child, and although they are a great way to form a connection between donors and the children they help, they often cause complications for individual students and the group as a whole. If one student receives more attention than another, it can lead to jealousy and create political dynamics that undermine the harmony of the classroom and our community-based approach to education and well-being.

Traditional sponsorship can also create a sense of dependency among sponsored children, who may feel that they could not have made it without the help of a foreign sponsor. We want each of our students to grow up knowing that they earned their success through their hard work and determination.

Rather than disclosing specific information about the student, ethical sponsorship lets the student decide what he or she wants to share. Children’s Future will provide general context to help you understand what types of problems your student will face, but ultimately the student can choose what information is shared.

We also approach sponsorship differently with the students. Our students know that donors abroad support the Children’s Future’s work. And, they know that we like to keep our donors updated about their progress. But, in order to preserve each child’s self-esteem, we do not divulge any individual sponsorship information, nor do we connect students and sponsors directly.

We serve children on the basis of need, an ethos that we carry over to our sponsorship program. While you can’t pick an individual student, you can rest assured that you will be paired with a student who is deserving of your generous support.
Unfortunately, there is no way to allow for visitations with students. The success of our work depends on maintaining an environment of safety and trust for students who have experienced trauma. For that reason, we do our best to minimize visitations from people who can only stay for a short time.
In order to maximize the impact of your donation, your money will go directly to the programs that support the student, rather than to the individual student. This allows us to reduce the logistical and administrative burden and focus our resources on helping your student.
Your money will go directly to our well-being program, which guarantees that your student’s basic needs are met. Through the well-being program, students get hearty meals every day, free healthcare, and one-to-one support from a social worker. Our social workers are real-life fairy godparents, using the most advanced metrics and response methods to track each student’s wellbeing and intervene in cases of distress and danger.