Let us welcome aboard three new staff members that recently joined Children’s Future. Each of the new staff specializes in different areas of Children’s Future but they all come together to be a big part of children’s lives. We are glad to welcome our new teacher, Viriya. We also have our new house-mother, Roth. Last but not least we have our new nurse, Channy. Even though they all have different backgrounds and values, each of these staff members have an essential goal and that is to help the children at Children’s Future both mentally and physically.


Viriya is a currently a college senior who is majoring in English and has had previous teaching experience at another organization.Viriya was not familiar with our organization before joining our team, but after working here at Children’s Future, she has gained valuable experience and expanded her knowledge by networking with foreigners and experienced teachers.

With just a few months as a teacher here, Viriya has developed a better teaching style  and plans to improve herself by researching different lesson plans to share with the students, finishing her studies to get her Bachelor’s Degree  and also improving her discipline skills so she can help manage the students on her own. After being at Children’s Future, she understands Children’s Future not only provides basic essentials of life but also generates students who have strong commitments to overcome obstacles they face in life.

rathOur new house-mother Roth has not finished her secondary school but she is a very passionate caretaker. She believes that her experience as a mother will help her nurture Children’s Future children into healthy young adults. One thing that Roth wants to know is how different her methods of caring and nurturing will differ for her own children and those children at Children’s Future.

Roth believes that she will be able to help Children’s Future manage kids well because she feels she can offer the right guidance, love and support to help these children to become successful individuals. Some difficulties that Roth has is not yet having the trust of the children since she is new. She feels that the children are not yet comfortable with sharing thoughts or information with her but that is a barrier that she hopes to overcome. She wants to gain their trust and respect and help children choose the right path in life by giving advice.. Roth hopes to help Children’s Future by finding more methods of handling disagreements amongst the children.  Roth loves Children’s Future because it gives children the basic necessities in life which makes all the difference. “Food, clothes, education, healthcare, and a warm home is how Children’s Future nurtures these young children into dedicated students. So I hope that all of them should respect, take care and love what they get from Children’s Future.” Roth added.

channyChanny is a nurse who just finished a midwife major. She was previously a data collector in another organization but chose Children’s Future because she is passionate about caring for children and excited to work in her field of study. Since joining Children’s Future, Channy has gained a lot of experience,  developed stronger communication skills with the staff and community as well as learned time management skills and how to plan schedules. She has also gained insight on the health needs of the children and created a teaching style to help Children’s Future students learn more about keeping a hygienic environment and preventing illness.

Channy has had some difficulties knowing how to react when she visits the communities of the children personally and see their living conditions. She still wants to figure out a better way to help the children become healthier and get familiar with basic hygiene that their parents probably do not even know. She wants to engage the children in ways to be well nourished and also find ways to give out vaccinations for the community to prevent any illnesses from occurring. Some of Channy’s values includes responsibility, strong commitment, good communication with skills with the staff, bravery, loyalty, being opinionated and being an active community service member.

Again, we would like to congratulate all the new staff on completing their probation. We hope that you find your stay at Children’s Future a wonderful experience and we hope you can inspire our children to focus and succeed on their dreams. We welcome our fellow staff members to make a change in these children’s lives as well as their own. We strive to help these children because they are our future.