8d364a06-19d7-4f62-ad78-045678252a14Board Chairman David Asseoff writes “On behalf of the board of directors of Children’s Future International, I am excited to announce the appointment of Melissa Theesen as the Executive Director of Children’s Future International. Melissa has been an integral part of our team for over two years as a donor, board member, and, most recently, as the organization’s Director of Operations.

Throughout her career, Melissa has been active in both local and international communities. She has over a decade of leadership experience in four continents, including extensive time on the ground developing programs in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Guatemala, Mexico, Nepal, India, and Cambodia. Her professional experience includes strategic planning, grant writing, leading fundraising campaigns, acting as a liaison for governmental programing transitions, social business development, creating and implementing microfinance programs, managing multiple stakeholder groups, and consulting with the United Nations. Melissa holds a Masters of Nonprofit Management and a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and Peace and Justice.

Melissa has the full support of the board of directors and multiple organizational stakeholders to replace Andrew Wolff in the role of Executive Director. Melissa will continue to work primarily from our US-based office at the Posner Center for International Development in Denver, Colorado. As a co-founder and board member, Andrew will remain actively involved in setting the strategic direction of the organization as well as providing ongoing support to Melissa along with co-founder Jenny Ciucci and the rest of board of directors and advisors.

With her experience, strong work ethic, and proven commitment to the mission of the organization, we are confident that Melissa will lead Children’s Future International to further success on behalf of our beneficiaries in Cambodia.”