by Sela Mao, Children’s Future Communications Associate

Since last July, Children’s Future has helped twenty three children go to the dentist. For most children, when they experience pain, they are most comfortable going to Channy, our healthcare associate, for help or advice. If Channy sees that the child has bad cavities or needs to have a tooth pulled, she then takes them to the dentist for immediate help.  Visits to the dentist may vary depending on the problem, a simple tooth pull is only one visit whereas a complex process will require about five to six follow-up visits to ensure the problem is taken care of.

One of Children’s Future’s students, Rina, received help from Children’s Future to go to the dentist. Rina was very scared when Channy first told her that she had to go but when Channy explained that the pain could get worse, Rina agreed. Rina’s teeth were successfully treated after her visit. Rina said that when she had that toothache, it was hard to eat, sleep and focus or participate in school. She did not want to talk to anyone because it hurt badly. Despite all the trouble, Rina is happy now because she has Children’s Future and Channy to help tell her how to clean her teeth and keep them healthy. Rina knows that for her to have a beautiful smile she must brush her teeth at least twice a day.

Rina hopes that all the children at Children’s Future will learn how to clean their teeth and keep them healthy because she does not want to see them go through the pain that she did. Rina would like to thank all of the supporters and donors of Children’s Future who helped her and gave her the opportunity to go to the dentist. Channy said that not only is Rina not scared, she is a great role model that brings her friends into the office when they are scared to come themselves. Rina reassure her friends that the dentist will help and it will not hurt. Channy will continue to help teach the children because she knows that Children’s Future is a place where children feel comfortable and loved and they trust the staff enough to tell them about their pain.