Over the past year Rotha, a fourth-grader, has become one of the most successful students at Children’s Future.

Since Rotha joined our program last year, he has been a regular around the Children’s Future Library, where students are welcome to expand their curiosity in reading and receive support in their curricular studies. Here, he takes advantage of Children’s Future’s tutoring services to help him improve his competency in school subjects. Thanks to his tutoring sessions, Rotha has not only excelled in Khmer, Math, and his new found interest, English, but he has also received multiple awards for his academic achievement.

Apart from excelling academically, Rotha also enjoys the other activities offered at Children’s Future such as tending to the garden, playing football, and playing on the playground, which are pastimes that are not traditionally available to students in other local public schools.

After engaging in multiple after school activities, Rotha is able to go home to his family and eat dinner with them due to the rice support his family receives from Children’s Future every month. Before Children’s Future intervention, Rotha’s family was struggling to provide food for Rotha and his siblings. But, with rice support, his family can focus on supporting Rotha in his education. Adequate nutrition is also crucial to a child’s well-being. Children’s Future health care staff notedthat Rotha has been in great health and rarely needs to visit the health center.

This school year Rotha was ranked 3rd in his class and will be continuing to the fifth grade this upcoming school year. Students like Rotha are the reason Children’s Future commits to creating a positive impact in the community. He exemplifies the potential for greatness within each of our students, waiting to be unlocked.