Chun Sun, 12 years old, has been the main caretaker for his two young sisters and younger brother for two years year now. Everyday he makes sure his siblings have done their homework, are clean and prepped for school and then drives his youngest sister to Children’s Future on a bicycle. Being the oldest, he doesn’t have much time to himself. However, he and his five siblings receive meals and care at the Learning Center, enabling their father to work during the day and afford their family home.

Life has not been easy for Chun Sun and his siblings as they suffered from constant physical abuse by their former caretaker. They bore witness to serious domestic violence, and eventually the family broke apart.

At this tipping point, Children’s Future was informed of Chun Sun’s situation, and set up a support agreement with the children’s father who agreed to become their sole caretaker. As a laborer, like many other fathers, he hadn’t seen his children in years. Without holistic support, this family would not be able to sustain themselves. The children would not be attending school, the older children would be entering the labor force, and the younger children would be left alone in the village.

Children’s Future embraces a holistic approach to supporting the children of the learning center. Our social workers work with the family unit to prevent any all barriers standing between the student and their education. By engaging with family, Children’s Future can ensure the children are cared for and safe.

**Name and photo changed to protect student’s identity**