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CFI Daro Excellent Student

Daro is one of the highest achieving students at CFI. He is a 12-year-old student who has been with CFI since 2015 and has just finished grade 6 at Prek Chhdor Primary School. After school, he comes to the Learning Center, where CFI provides extra classes in Khmer, Math, English, and Computer skills to students depending on their time and schedule. This year, Daro’s schedule allowed him to study all subjects.

At the end of the school year, when CFI held it’s annual school award ceremony to recognize student achievements, Daro won nearly every award possible, including perfect attendance and perfect exam scores. For many of the teachers, this bright student’s success came as no surprise. According to Samith, CFI’s school manager, in classes Daro almost had no challenges.

Daro is very excited and proud of himself. According to Samith, the teachers were very proud of Daro, too. He is not only exceptionally smart, but he brings an incredible work ethic to his studies that shows in his results. Even in English class, the one subject where Daro was lagging behind, he studied his hardest, paid attention in all of his classes, and still managed to end the class with a perfect score. At public school Daro also finished the year in the top ten of his class.

Outside of class, Daro is known for helping other students and his siblings. When his friends, classmates, or siblings do not know how to do an exercise or a problem on their homework, Daro is always happy to help them work through it, and his peers are always happy to have his help.

When thinking about the future, Daro is not sure what type of job he would like to do. Right now, he thinks that he would like to be a Computer Teacher, since he really enjoys his computer classes, but he will wait to see what other opportunities present themselves. With his bright mind, strong work ethic, and helpful demeanor, Daro has a bright future ahead of him.

**Names changed to protect the privacy of children and families**

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