Meet Sokha. She is 16 years old and she is one of the members of our reporter group. She studies grade nine at Pheam Ek Primary School and she would love to show you about English class at Children’s Future.

English class is a part of the school program. All students at CFI who finish Khmer & Math 102 class, will start their first English class. For English curriculum, we have eight levels which is start from 101.

We have three teachers are in charge in English team, Lambo, Chenda and Sophea. English class start from 1pm to 5:45pm. My favorite teacher is Chenda. Younger kids start at 1pm to 4pm and older kids start from 4pm to 5:45pm. All English teacher have classes in those session following by their schedule.

Most of the students finishing their English classes at CFI also finish their high school exam at the same time so it’s easy for them to use their English skill to find job or use in their university life.

I like to study English because I want to learn how to speak with foreigner and to find good job. My favorite activities in class is reading in front of the class and we also play games using iPad and do writing exercises on the whiteboard. Also I like going to class because I like play game with friends.