Sreythai is 19 years old and studies grade 10 at Kdol Don Teav high school. She has been with CFI since she was 14 and has become an independent and responsible student. She is also a member of our Reporter Club, and she would like to share her thoughts about CFI with you…

Children’s Future is a safe place for all families in Sous Ey community to send their kids to study. All teachers are kind and friendly, they always polite and encourage us to try hard in study because education is important for our future.

CFI also have social worker who is always available for help when we need it. When student have issues, one of the social worker follow up with them and ask if there anything they can help to solve those issues. We also share our family problem. They will listen and try to help us and keep it confidential.

There is also a health care center to take care of all CFI kids who have problems with their health. When kids have wound during playing they can go directly to health care center for help. When there is a serious problem, CFI will send the kids to hospital in town immediately.

My favorite part is the restaurant at CFI! We call it restaurant because this is where all staff and kids have meal. CFI provides two meals for kids, lunch and dinner. When the time comes all kids never ever miss the meal because we have a wonderful chef at CFI! Every single food that they cook is so healthy and delicious like I don’t know how to describe. When you have chance to visit CFI don’t forget to try out.

Lastly, I want to say thank you to CFI that provide those services to this community. We could not be who we are now without support from you, so please keep doing your great work.