Rady (center) with (l-r) Theara, Panha, Sreymet and Sreyda

Sreymet started attending classes at the CFI Learning Center when she was seven years old. Now 14, she is in grade seven at Peam Ek secondary school and has become an independent and responsible student. Sreymet is also a member of our student reporter club, and she would like to share a story about one of her computer teachers…

Rady is of one the computer teachers at CFI. He is 30 years old. He has been teaching computers at CFI for about four years now. His computer class start from 2.00pm to 5.35pm. He enjoys working with the kids. He wants all kids at CFI to know how to use computers when they grow up because it is one of the most important skills and it’s easy for them to find a job in the future.

Rady is kind and funny when he talk to kids and during teaching. I’m happy to have Rady as my teacher. Sometimes when I’m not happy from public school, he always make me and other students happy during class. When I don’t understand the lesson he always come and help. He loves everyone equally and he is the best teacher for me.

Rady also has some challenges while teaching students in his class. Sometimes the computers are broken so a lesson will be delayed. Sometimes students come late to class and it takes extra time to finish the lesson.

The biggest challenge is when students are absent. Sometimes they are absent for a few days for no reason, so when they came back the teacher needs to work with them more and it takes extra time for teacher.

Even though Rady goes through those hard times, he is still doing the best in his job and he always try to find new methods to teach the kids in order to help them understand the lesson easier.

“I’m happy to see kids come to CFI, studying hard and having a fun time with their friends after class,” Rady says.