Channy, 12, is a student at Pheam Ek Primary School and is one of our student reporters. In this story she tells us about one of the CFI center guards, Sophat.

Sophat is one of our best guards at CFI. He is 37 years old and lives 9 km from the center. He finished high school in 1997 and has a lot of work experience, like working in a factory and as a motorcycle taxi driver. He started as a guard with CFI in 2013.

Sophat loves his job. He comes to work every day on time and always tries his best at his work.

“I love my work here at CFI because I learn new things and gain new experience everyday,” Sophat says. “I can be a part of CFI work to ensure that all kids at CFI that come to study and play around CFI are safe.

“I want to see all the kids happy and have a bright future through CFI.”

Sophat also faced a lot of challenges when he first started because this job is new to him and he had lot of responsibilities. He says it was hard to decide what his priorities were but after getting support from his boss, Pu Chan, he knows what he is doing and his work went well.

“It was hard for me when I first start with CFI but after getting support from Pu Chan I know how to prepare my daily work and what is my priorities,” Sophat says.

“Now I have my daily schedule to do. It helps me a lot.”

For me, Sophat is one of the guards that I love the most at CFI because he’s a happy person, he likes making people around him happy, he is good at his works and he loves all the kids equally.