Thida is 17 years old. She has two sisters and three brothers. They live in Peam Ek commune, Ek Phnom district, Battambang.

In 2018, Thida had attendance issues at public school and CFI school, she couldn’t catch up with lessons, she didn’t do very well with her exams and because of her family’s situation she didn’t want to study anymore; she wanted to earn money to help her parents to keep her brothers and sisters at school. So she decided to drop school at grade 8. Because this is very young, CFI’s Education Advocate worked hard to convince her to go back to school but she was determined not to.

After discussion with CFI staff, Thida decided to join an eight-month vocational training course at Caritas to become a beautician. She became extremely passionate about what she was learning, she always went to school regularly and tried hard with her studies.

In May 2019, Thida successfully graduated from vocational training and became an intern at a beauty salon in Battambang. Now she can earn some money to help herself and her family and she feels proud of what she’s been able to achieve. She is saving money for her future and has plans to have her own salon so she can earn more money.

“I’m really proud of myself,” Thida says. “Because of vocational training it helped me to have a clear and sustainable job, more confidence, independence and I can support myself and my family as well.

“It only took me eight months to complete the course and find a good job. If I didn’t join the vocational training I don’t know what I would be doing right now. ”