Hello! My name is Sreymet. I’m 15 years old. I study in grade seven at Peam Ek Secondary School. I live with my aunt and uncle with one of my older sisters. I want to show you a day of life as a student.

In the morning I get up at 6 am. I help my aunt do housework like washing dishes and cleaning the house. After that, I prepare myself for school.

My class starts at 7 am and will finish at 11 am. I have breakfast at school with my friends and my favorite breakfast food is beef meatball bread with chili sauce. It tastes so, so good and it is not expensive too!

I study two to three subjects for a morning depending on the schedule and my favorite subject is history. After a whole morning study at a public school, I go to CFI to have lunch with other children at 11:30.

Normally, there are around 40 children come to have lunch at CFI and there are three cooks who prepare food for us. I love all the food cook here. Every single food tastes so good. If you have the chance to visit CFI please stay for lunch – you won’t regret it!

At CFI I study English and computers from 4-6 pm. I don’t study Khmer and math because they are only for primary students. After lunchtime, I have four hours before my class start. I relax for one hour, then after that, I do public school homework and English homework.

Next, I go to the library to read books for kids. They love to listen to legendary stories. I also love reading history books because I want to know more about my amazing history.

After class, I ride my bike back home with other kids along the road. Actually from CFI to my house is not that far, it’s about one kilometer and takes me only five minutes to get back home.

That’s a day of my life as a student. Thank you!