Group photo of grade 9

Education is very important in our lives and it can help you get out of poverty. We spend years and years to learn and grow ourselves through the education system in order to achieve our goal and a better life in the future.

Each year at CFI we have groups of young people study in grade 9 and grade 12 showing their commitment to study hard and prepare themselves for the examination at the end of the year. Through their hard work, they impress us every year.

Recently, a group of 11 students took the grade 9 examination and they all got through it with great results! We are very proud of them.

In order to celebrate their hard work and achievement, we will take them on a short trip to show them around the province, and also take the opportunity to visit the vocational training school to hopefully inspire them to think about what they want to do in the future.

Unfortunately, as many as 20 percent of the grade 9 students will not be able to continue with school in the next year because of financial limitations, their family situation, or the need to travel long distances. Vocational training can be a great alternative to continuing with school study, because it enables young people to learn a new and valuable skill in a relatively short amount of time, and begin to earn an income. This will help their families and may even convince them to reconsider migrating to work in another country.

We are very happy to see our young generation trying the best in education to reach their goal and become a role model in their community. We’re looking forward to seeing their success in the future.