rebuild house

Meet one of the hard-working families who live in Sour Ey village that want to keep their children safe and educated.

For the past years, CFI has been working with vulnerable children and families located in Peam Ek District to ensure that they’re safe, healthy and educated. Every day we see families grow to the point that they don’t need our services anymore but some families still need our help in order to feed their families. Some families don’t have a proper house to ensure that their children are safe at night.

Sarath​​’s family is one of the families we’ve been working with for the past years. He has two daughters – the oldest is a footballer living in Phnom Penh and the youngest is living with him. Sarath is a construction worker and his wife works at a nail painting salon.

Depending on the season their income doesn’t come regularly which means the family lives day by day and doesn’t have any extra money to do what they need for their family like fixing the house. The house leaks badly when it rains, meaning everything inside gets wet – it can rain a lot in Cambodia! The house is also not secure, a real safety concern. The house required to repair but the family was unable to afford it.

Children’s safety is the biggest concern when it comes to families who don’t have a secure house for their children to live. After a long discussion with the team, we decided to rebuild the house for the family.

One of our social workers and our facility manager recently worked together with the family to estimate the cost of the material to rebuild the house. The family will contribute labor to support this project.