Grade 12 students

Meet Tong, a 10-year-old boy who studies in grade four in the morning at public school; English, and Computer at CFI in the afternoon.

Tong liked to play a lot during the computer class, making it hard for his teacher to explain the lesson and his classmates to focus. Tong always disturbed his friends by pressing their keyboard and mouse and telling endless stories to his classmates.

All this fun made it hard for him to concentrate and do well in the class. He couldn’t catch up on the lessons well, he didn’t listen when the teacher explained the lessons and always asked his friends to help while they were working on their own tasks.

The first time, the teacher responded to what he was doing and how it affected all the students in the class. Tong being a smart kid immediately listened to the teacher and stopped what he was doing. But the next day he was still doing the same thing again and again. So the teachers once again tried to talk to him and understand his situation.

The teacher spent some individual time with Tong, finding out about his hopes and dreams for the future, and building a relationship. Tong really wanted to do well in class but was afraid to ask for help when he needed it, and that caused him to act silly and play around in the class.

A month later, Tong’s behavior started to change day by day. He stopped disturbing his friends, he listened to the teacher explain the lessons, he caught up with the lessons well, he’s now active in the class and more responsible for his own study.

Not only is Tong proud of his achievement but Tong’s parents are proud of his performance too. They said they enjoy him coming home from class and telling them about what he learned. They said they will continue to encourage and help with his education from home.