KNY 20

In Cambodia, there are a lot of public holidays during the year but the most exciting holiday for everyone is Khmer New Year.

On Khmer New Year, people all around the country go back to their homeland and celebrate this holiday with friends and family. People usually celebrate Khmer New Year by having a big crowded party along the road, spray water and powder or trips to other provinces with their loved ones.

In 2020 everything has changed, Khmer New Year usually takes place in the second week of April every year. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Royal Government of Cambodia postponed the Khmer New Year holiday to help protect us all against the spread of the virus. People stayed in quarantine and worked from home.

After the risk of COVID-19 reduced in the country, the government has decided to hold the Khmer New Year holiday on the third week of August to pay back the five days holiday for people to have time with their friends and family. We were all still encouraged to keep a safe physical distance and follow the instructions of the Ministry of Health. This meant there was no big celebration like every year, it’s just a week off from work.

“ It’s a little bit strange because every year people in the country wait for these days to come in order to celebrate and have a fun time with their loved ones but now it’s just a week off from work. I did have a small party at home, all my family members are here and we have a great time together. It was amazing! ” Children told us.