VAC Training

At CFI we know that working in partnership will make a huge difference not just for us but also for the families and communities we work with.

At CFI we are committed to working with local communities to ensure children are safe, with a key issue is ensuring we have a shared understanding of risk and prevention. This period we have been running training with Village and Commune Chiefs, the Commune Council for Women and Children, and public school Directors on Violence Against Children and effectively using government forms.

As well as training, we have been facilitating discussion sessions, to ensure everyone reflects on how their practice has changed and how we are all working effectively together. Training is important but learning needs to be integrated into practice to be effective. Together we know we make a difference in keeping children in communities safe.

We will continue to work together to build the capacity of our partners to help identify violence against children. The next period will be Child Protection and Safe Migration training, this work will mean we can all respond effectively to concerns when they happen and of course prevent them from happening in the first place.

When we work together we can achieve great things. This work has been made possible with the help of, World Childhood Foundation 3PC Cambodia, and funding from UNICEF Cambodia.