Building new house 2021

A suitable home is key for families to feel safe, healthy and to thrive.

Home is the place that children come back to, a place where they can feel safe, educated, and nurtured. Home is more than just four walls it is the place for the family to enjoy time together, laugh, and build great memories. That’s why every family deserves a safe house for them and their children.

Because of the ongoing challenges related to the recent floods in Cambodia, many families’ houses were destroyed beyond repair. Added to this are the ongoing economic impacts from the theCOVID-19 outbreak, meaning families were at a loss to know how to fix or repair their homes in a way that kept the family safe.

That’s why CFI and the local authorities worked together to complete assessments with the families who currently don’t have a home, don’t have a Poor ID card (a Government-issued certificate), or a job to support their family. Together we identified families with the greatest need and provided short-term rice support, and the materials to rebuild homes in partnership with families. All these interventions are designed to ensure the children feel warm and safe at night.

We provide the materials to the family for the house and the family is contributing the labor. Working in partnership means we can support more families and also empower families to contribute to their own futures in a sustainable way.

The families are thankful for the support and extremely proud of their new house. Now they can all sleep well at night!