reintegration back to family

Did you know that of the children who live in orphanages in Cambodia, 80% of these children have one parent alive? We had been working in the past years with orphanages to reduce the number of children and reintegrate them back into their families.

Now we are pleased to report on two children who have been successfully reintegrated back to live with their families with support from our social workers and by working in partnership with Emerging Market Consultants and GHR Foundation.

The children are really happy to go back to their families. To ensure they were ready for their new life CFI worked in partnership with the team at the orphanage to provide a range of support for the family and the young people. This included working with the family, young people, and the orphanage to prepare everyone for the move. We completed parenting work with the family and worked hard to prepare the young people for the big adjustment, to make sure the move is successful.

Over the next few months, we will also complete regular follow-ups with the family to ensure the children are attending school when the schools reopen again.

Reintegrations like these provide children with the best possible support for positive outcomes in their future. We are doing all of this work in partnership with the staff from the Orphanage. They want to move away from residential care to a community-based model and are learning from our team about how they can support families in different ways. Over time they will reintegrate all of the children in their care, home, and transition their services to a community-based model of care, just like we did at CFI.

And we can’t wait to see the children start their new life and grow with the people that they love. A huge thank you to everyone who involved with this work. Well done!