Small Business Start up

There is an old quote that says “give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.” We believe in self-help that everyone can change their whole life if they believe in themselves and try to find new solutions for their future.

At CFI we believe there is always a solution to every problem, sometimes everyone just needs some extra help. Just like families, we are working with that are struggling to make a living and take care of their children. They need a hand to find a way to earn income in order to have food and a safe place for their kids to stay.

In partnership with Family Care First | REACT and supported by 3PC Cambodia, along with private donors such as Apollo Energy ( we are developing a small business start-up project for the families to build up foundations for their future career and earning income to support their family. By doing this, the families are able to strengthen their skills and know what they really want to do in the future.

We ask families to come up with ideas for what they want to do and we provide all the necessary equipment and tools for their start-up business. Of course, the business ideas are not the same, it depends on their skills and needs. Some families are selling Sugar cane juice in front of their house, some are starting a motorcycle cleaning service and tire repair shop along the side and some are doing laundry service at home so they still can take care of their small children. There are thousands of ideas and interests in this community and we can’t wait to work with more families to support small business startups.

We are really happy to see these families take this opportunity to help themselves rather than depending on us! We will be supporting them with business advice and guidance as we continue to support their progress.

We wish them all the best.