Remote Learning

The COVID-19 situation is still a hot topic in Cambodia. The government has banned large groups of people from meeting at once, like at the workplace, so people are working from home now. The government has also banned having big ceremonies and reopening the public schools. That’s why CFI is figuring out new ways to keep students learning during their time at home.

The CFI team is working hard to find the best way possible to keep the students safe and educated. We already call students, meet in small groups and give out handouts, our next step is to start online classes via group messaging platforms. We created groups on Telegram to send worksheets or homework, supported by the teachers on a video call with students through Zoom.

“I really like to learn online because I can learn new lessons with my teachers every week and meet all my friends again,” Thida says. “I want to learn every day, otherwise I’m bored staying at home all day,” Sopheak says.

Big thank you to the whole CFI team for making this possible, and to the students for working hard to remain engaged in their learning during this difficult time. Well done!