JFK Training

While the public school is closed due to the government’s direction because of the COVID-19 pandemic all of the students needed to stay home to ensure they were safe. The children are mostly free all the time and we don’t want them to use their free time in a bad way.

As part of the Just For Kicks program, we are teaching the students at public schools about how to become a good leaders in their community through football. By doing this the kids will gain more knowledge and build their physical strength at the same time, but in this time period we can’t go out to teach them directly so our JFK team and the coaches working hard to find the best way for the students to learn during their free time at home, which is by providing lessons to students virtually.

Every week, our coaches contact the student via direct phone call or a social media platform to explain the lessons and provide examples via the internet if the student needs an example. In the whole week, the students need to do three to four activities including football skills, fun activities, and exercises.

We ask students to do each activity at least three times and take a short video whenever they do the activities to show how they are doing it and if they need anything, we can help them.

For the first week of providing virtual activities, we got great results from the students. They are happy that we are still continuing this program and the kids are really engaged with the activities. They send us a lot of videos of them doing activities which are really good to see.

A big thank you to all the coaches who are flexible with their time, and our partnership with Enabling Leadership Global.