JFK Training

Imagine you have three children to look after, and you must provide food and clothes. Then your husband becomes ill, and can’t go to work every day, and you don’t have a substantial income to provide what they need. How would you feel?

This is the story of Tida before CFI’s support. Tida is a 46-year-old mom with three kids, two sons and a daughter studying in elementary school. Her daily work is to go out to the lake, river, or forest to collect water spinach, lotus flowers, and seeds to sell at the market. Her husband works as a construction worker when he can, but his health is not stable, so he can’t go to work every day.

Because of COVID-19, the school is closed, and the kids are staying home and no one to look after them when the parents go out to work. Tida was worried about the kids, so she wanted to find a new job that she can do at home.

After our social work team did an assessment with the family, we decided to provide the small business start-up program to the family, by raising the chickens at home. Tida is so happy this is an option for her, and she is ready to start to raise the chickens.

Three months later, all the hard work that she put in has come to the result. From 10 small chickens to so many chickens, you can’t count. Tida kept the hens to produce more eggs and the male chickens to sell adult chickens to get money to support the family.

A huge thank you to Family Care First – REACT, facilitated and supported by 3PC Cambodia that changed family life through this program!