JFK Training

[Updated] COVID-19 is still the hottest topic in Cambodia. From day to day, the situation is not under control. Everything is still shut down, schools, markets, restaurants, and any kind of places and activities that involve many people. But that hasn’t stopped us from providing support.

While COVID still remains and keeps the situation unpredictable, CFI staff are working from home again to prevent everyone from this virus. While working from home, everyone stays connected via social media platforms with each other and the students.

But the challenge is, some of our staff homes are far from the town and they don’t have wifi access to the internet. This means they can’t respond as quickly as they’d like to. In order to solve this problem, we have bought 4G modems which are used to connect the internet with the Simcard. It’s simple and easy to use for all the staff.

Our Learning Center Program is still providing services to students, just in a different way. We’re using the method of phone calls to students, and providing tablets to the students so they can use them for a video call with the teacher to support their learning.

From the social work team, we are still following up with the family by phone and if it’s an emergency case, we work in partnership with the Commune Council for Women and Children staff to ensure children are safe and provide training to local authority colleagues online. We keep providing monthly rice support but in a different way by asking families to come one by one.

Children’s safety is important so we follow up with the families by phone to remind them to keep the children safe and wash their hands, keep social distance and stay home if they don’t have to go out.

But the great news is, all of the CFI staff now have had the second dose of COVID-19 vaccines to protect themself and their family. We are waiting for news of our third vaccination. Students aged from 12 to 18 are now also starting to get the COVID-19 vaccines due to the government announcing that they will reopen the public school once the young people are vaccinated.

We are looking forward to getting back to normal and seeing students back at the learning center!