PSEA Training

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, students are adapting to the new way of studying using online platforms to keep up their learning.

Sadly many online platforms are dangerous for younger people, especially young girls who are at risk of sexual harassment by bad people online. Because they’re still young, they don’t understand online safety in the online world. So we, as an organization, want to make sure our students are safe while using online platforms to continue their education from home.

That’s why CFI provided training for students to understand how they can protect themselves against Sexual Exploitation and Abuse. This training provides guidelines and procedures to prevent and address sexual exploitation and abuse and sexual harassment.

This training is essential for our students. Helping them identify the danger before it gets worse and how they can get help when they’re at risk of any form of online harassment.

We have delivered this training to the first batch of students, and we will continue to share this information with all of our students over the next couple of weeks to ensure they’re all on the same page, aware of the online danger, and have the skills to protect themselves and their friends.

Thank you to everyone who was involved in this fantastic work. Well done!