Community Campaign 2

Together, we can help the future of our community!

COVID-19 is still a hot topic in Cambodia, but it hasn’t stopped us from starting another round of our Community Campaign in the Ek Phnom District!

The campaign’s key messages inform people in the community about the importance of keeping children with family and encourage them to get help when they see children or families who need extra support.

The involvement from every part of the CFI team made this round of the campaign easier to deliver to the community. The entire team at CFI showed commitment, worked hard, and we’re happy to share these critical messages in the community. Aimed at helping everyone understand why we should keep children with their families.

We’re using online platforms due to COVID-19 restrictions. Online meetings and workshops are being used to share the messages to everyone who is connected with CFI, like local authorities, public school teachers, NGO partners, students, and families.

Our goal for this round of community campaigns is to reach 350 people, including key people in the community, who we are encouraged to spread the word. We can’t wait to see the result of this round.

A big thank you to the Family Care First | REACT program, led by MoSVY and supported by the 3PC network, with financial support from European Union, USAID, the GHR Foundation, and Save the Children Hong Kong who made this possible.