Consumer group 03/22

Listening to the communities’ voices is what matters most to us! At CFI, we think the best way to discover how to improve services in order for them to meet clients’ needs in the most efficient way is to ask for feedback directly from them. This way our team can see what works and what doesn’t, and how we could improve our approaches!

After a long period of time, we finally had the opportunity to welcome our consumer group back to the office! This group helps us observe and evaluate the efficacy of the work we provide in the community. Their insight is crucial for the future development of our programs.

Family members volunteer to join our consumer participation group to share their views on our services. There are currently 10 families who are happy to cooperate with us on this matter. Their thoughts, involvement, and input through this activity are highly appreciated.

We usually present different topics related to CFI services, but this time we specifically wanted to know their views on girls’ education and career opportunities. Their answers have been fantastic, each person who took part in the session contributed greatly to our future approaches

We can’t wait to hear their thoughts on the next upcoming topic. Well done, thank you!