Meet Channea. She is ten years old, and she is one of our members of the reporter group. She studies grade 4 at Somonors Primary School and would love to tell you about Sovann, her Khmer and Math teacher at CFI.

CFI is a place where I feel safe to go to study because we have Sophat, a guard that looks after the CFI place. There are always staff and teachers willing to help if I need anything. Especially my Khmer and Math teacher, Sovann. She always helps me with spelling words and math problems from the public school and carefully explains the homework she provides to the students.

After class, when I do not clearly understand the lesson, I often go to the library to get help from her when she’s not teaching. And sometimes, she reads books to all the students in the library. My friends and I love listening to the story she reads to us.

I love teacher Sovann because she’s always here to help me whenever I need to help with my Khmer & Math problems.