Meet Bunna (pseudonym), a 14-year-old boy who has shown incredible growth in the past year he has been with CFI. His teachers love having him as a student, and he has become a role model for the younger students. Read his story and how it all started with a Rubik’s Cube.

When Bunna started with CFI in 2022, he was silent, sometimes aggressive, refused to communicate with other students, and was a slow learner. He never raised his hand in class, always sat at the back, and he didn’t have the confidence to answer the questions in front of the whole class when the teacher asked.

In addition to supplementary classes, CFI has many activities for students to participate in their free time, like reading books and playing chess in the library, playing football in the garden, and solving the Rubik’s cube. Also, every Friday afternoon at CFI Learning Center, students take a break from their regular classes to participate in a variety of fun activities for our “Fun Fridays, including dancing, singing, making beaded bracelets/rings and playing soccer. This is a great opportunity for students to hang out with their friends and have fun!

Bunna first became interested in Rubik’s Cube when he saw his friends playing with one in the CFI library between their classes. He asked his friends to teach him and started to practice every day to learn how to solve it. Eventually, with help from one of CFI’s English teachers, Lambo, Bunna was able to solve his first cube ever! The pride on his face could be seen by all!

From the day Bunna solved his first cube, his behavior changed. He became more focused and driven as a student, always asking questions in class and rarely missing. Bunna also became more engaged, and he started to open up to his classmates and teachers and he joined many of the extra activities CFI offers. At the end of last semester, Bunna received the certificate of role model at CFI for being a good and helpful student.

Today, you will always see Bunna with his Rubik’s Cube! He is always trying to learn new ways to solve cubes in the fastest way possible by watching Youtube videos and asking his friends and teachers. In the CFI library, you can find Bunna and his friends having a Rubik’s Cube Battle to see who can solve it first.

To see the growth in Bunna this past year is wonderful. It’s amazing what a small thing, like Rubik’s Cube, can do to help a child. We are thankful that our teachers are involved with our students and use out-of-the-box ideas to encourage and engage our students at CFI!