Rany is 16 years old and is currently in the 10th grade. She decided to visit Channy, our Healthcare Associate, because she had a hard time breathing and focusing on her studies. Rany also experienced headaches sometimes. After visiting Channy, it was best to bring Rany to the hospital to get surgery on her nose. They traveled to many hospitals and Rany was scared that the surgery would not get rid of her problem. Rany’s parents were very upset to see her not feeling or breathing well. They were even more upset that they could not afford the surgery. But luckily Rany received help and was able to have the surgery done.

Now Rany’s surgery is completed and she is able to breathe a lot better than before although she still has a headache sometimes. Rany had to breathe through her mouth for about 6-7 days while she adjusted to the changes from the surgery. She is happy she decided to have the surgery because it was affecting her studies. She could not read well and could not focus because she could not breathe, but now she’s better and catching up in school.

Rany would like give a big thank you to the donors, supporters, the hospital and Children’s Future for paying for her surgery and traveling expenses. She appreciates the help very much and hopes that everyone will continue to not only help her but other children that need help as well. Rany would like to thank Channy for helping from the start of her diagnosis to the end of completed surgery; without Channy, Rany would not know what to do. Rany is happy that she was treated because she was afraid her problem would become something much worse, like a tumor or cancer, that her parents would have to pay for.

Rany is now doing much better. She is studying hard in school. She has the best academic performance in her Math and Biology classes. Rany understands the feeling of being ill and she understands the feeling of those people who are sick or who are going through the same thing as her. After her experiences, she wants to become a nurse because she wants to take care of sick people who are not able to care for themselves.


The process of finding a hospital was very hard because two years ago, Rany was taken to a hospital in Siem Reap by Nurse Savin. She had extra skin growing in her nose, but the hospital only gave her a shot to shrink it. They said that surgery was not needed and that the shot would take care of her problem. This is the reason why Rany was recently unable to breathe and had painful headaches.

When Rany visited Channy, Channy contacted a hospital in Siem Reap but they refused to treat her because Rany was already too old for the operation. They recommended for her to go to Phnom Penh. Before going to Phnom Penh, Channy contacted other hospitals but they did not offer the procedure Rany needed. Channy then contacted the first hospital that Rany had gone to. They examined her problem and told her that she now had pus in her nose.

Channy then decided to take Rany to the hospital in Phnom Penh because hospitals in Battambang and Siem Reap could not perform the surgery needed. Channy had to purchase a ticket to see the doctor who agreed that surgery was necessary. The surgery was a total of 690,000 Riel and there was exchanges of paperwork done such as poor ID. We paid for the blood test and the heart check-up. After two days, all of the paperwork was completed and the surgery was set for the next day. The surgery lasted an hour and 15 minutes, followed by a four day recovery period. Rany must have a follow up with a doctor to prevent the problem from coming back.

A week after the surgery, Rany returned to school and is feeling great. She is able to learn without a problem and her parents are happy that their child is doing better. We wish you all the best Rany and we would like to thank our donors and supporters for all of their help. Without you, success stories like Rany’s would not be possible. Thank you!