One of our board members, Jenny, recently visited the Children’s Future center in Cambodia. She saw a lot of changes in the facility. Jenny said there were a lot of improvements within the staff. Every team is stronger and more independent due to more training for the staff for them to improve their job skills. There was also changes made to the “system and structure” and this help to strengthen throughout the organization. Jenny is very confident in the improvements and because the program operates so smoothly now, she says that it was a “reflection of the achievements of our entire team”.  Jenny is confident and excited to see the staff excelling in all areas and knows that the team will continue to do well.

Jenny was very happy to see the children again. She was very excited to see how the residential children were doing. All of the children have grown into mature teenagers and are doing well in school. Jenny was able to converse with the students in Khmer and English and the students have developed in both languages. Jenny notices that the staff works very hard and there is not much flexibility or leisure time for the staff to interact with the students and train.

Jenny has some concerns for the students which is “why we are doing this work in the first place”. Community and domestic violence is still present and students are still at risk for dropping out of school. The students tend to feel pressured into helping the family because most of the families are struggling financially but Children’s Future will continue to find ways to help them and their families. Jenny is proud of the progess that Children’s Future has been making. Children’s Future is doing great and it is all thanks to the teachers, social workers, administrative staff, housemothers and security guards. Success is also due to Meghan, she has led Children’s Future into this “next phase of its development”.  Both Meghan and all of our staff members have stepped up and performed their roles in “impressive ways”. Thank you to all our dedicated Children’s Future staff members!