07082010218Sitha is the Lead House Mother at Children’s Future. She has been with Children’s Future ever since we started and has moved her way through many positions here. When Sitha first started, she did not know much about how to care for children, because she did not have a lot of experience. Now as the Residential Program Manager, she enjoys her role because she encounters many different situations. In particular, she enjoys problem solving and helping the children work through their problems.

Before, Sitha had direct contact with most of the students and their families at Children’s Future. The hardest part of her job was sometimes dealing with certain attitudes and adjusting to the different characteristics of the children. Sitha was so close to the children that she did not feel like a House Mother but more like an older sister. In the group of House Mothers’, Sitha was the youngest, so she did not have as much as work experience as the others. Sitha has wanted to help Children’s Future in any way that she can, so she has always tried to improve her skills and learn new ways to deal with the children and her team. Sitha has helped the children with their school work, health habits, and character, as well as provided emotional support.

After being a House Mother for some time, Sitha moved up to being the Lead House Mother, but she did not have full responsibility for the Residential children yet. Now though, she is fully responsible so she has many duties. She manages the budget, attends meeting held by government officials to go over NGO rules and policies, and oversees all of the residential children’s programs and all House Mother activities.

Some difficulties Sitha has with her job are dealing with the children when they are upset. They often give her a hard time because they are emotionally distressed. Sometimes they do not want to open up to Sitha and they give her a bad attitude. Sitha has to always keep an open mind to all problems that the children have and always tries to find solutions. She also is always looking for ways to help improve the House Mothers’ skills and confidence so that the department can progress forward.

Sitha is happy to be a part of the Children’s Future family because the children are her main priority. She would like to thank Children’s Future for loving and caring for the children of Cambodia. She is happy to see that other people care and want to provide an opportunity for the children of Cambodia to do better and have the chance to develop and grow like other children. She would also like to thank the donors and supporters for offering their love and support. We are happy to have such a dedicated staff member like Sitha!