yoga relaxationChildren’s Future has been offering Yoga classes for the students to help relieve their stress from school. Yoga is taught to the students to help them relax and free all of the stress in their minds. Most students have been worried and tired from their school work. Students are also anxious to see results and are just exhausted from all the studying and preparation for the end of the year exams. We are happy to see our students enjoying these activities because they worked so hard during the school year.

Siv Mey is 13-years old. She is in the 6th grade and her favorite subjects are Khmer and Math. She has been participating in a lot of activities during this fun season. She is learning how to play the flute. She is also taking singing lessons and her favorite song is a song called “Flowers”. She also likes to make pearl jewelry such as necklaces, rings, and bracelets. She also likes playing on the computer, iPad and watching television. One of her favorite fun season activities is to do Yoga.

Siv Mey really enjoys doing Yoga because it is fun and improves her health too. She says it makes her feel good and she likes to do Yoga everyday usually in the evening. Siv Mey says that doing Yoga is not only fun but it also helps your health. It makes you feel fresh; after doing Yoga and stretching your body, you feel better. She says that it also helps us with stress and lets your mind be free. Before stretching and doing Yoga positions, the teacher tells us to meditate. In our yoga classes, we have to close our eyes and think of a happy place. We take a deep breath and release all the negative energy and when we breathe in we take in positive energy. Siv Mey says this method is really relaxing for her.

Yoga is really fun for Siv Mey. She always invites her friends to come join her and she recommends it because she wants them to have fun with her, and wants them to know the benefits of Yoga and to use it as a way to relieve stress and exercise.

We are happy that our children such as Siv Mey enjoys doing Yoga. We plan to involve more children so that they can all enjoy the activities. We are happy to see our children taking advantage of joining these programs because we like to help our children relax after working so hard. We hope our children will enjoy the break and the fun season!