big stormThere was a big storm that hit Battambang a couple of months ago. Children’s Future has been helping many families that suffered from the storm. The storm has affected both the community and Children’s Future too. Even though the storm hit us hard, we are still keeping each other strong and helping each other out.

Children’s Future has helped over 25+ families ever since the storm hit. Children’s Future has tried to help the families with re-building their homes, fixing their homes and also renting houses until they are can settle into their homes. There have been many homes that were affected by the storm due to water and wind damage. Our own Learning Center needed a roof repair and also some cleaning up around the school. There were also many homes that lost electricity and some homes did not have access to clean water and food.

Children’s Future helped those families that had homes that were not safe to live in. Any homes that looked like they could not face future storms or floods were fixed up or rebuilt. There are many homes that were already not prepared for these type of catastrophic events. When the storm hit the homes were damaged badly and were not safe to live in. Because some of the homes have dirt floors, the flood made many of them too dirty to live in, too.

In exchange for the Children’s Future and the helped they offered the community, families must enroll their students in school. The students also must finish 12th grade with Children’s Future. Children’s Future also promotes peace within the family in return for helping them rebuild their homes. We try to teach families that this is a time that we need to support each other and keep away any abuse within the family. We also ask that the families try to keep their newly fixed homes in good shape and also report any issues to us right away. We also ask that the leaders of the community keep in close contact with us to update us on how everyone is doing.

During the storm, there were a total a four homes that were damaged with one that was completely destroyed. That home had to be rebuilt and other homes that were slightly damaged had roof and wall repairs done. Right now, the home has been successfully rebuilt and the other homes have been repaired also. Children’s Future has planned to build a strong storm house to prepare for any big storms hitting again. We also plan to teach the community of all the safe places to stay when a storm hits such as not being under the house or near trees. They should find shelter with neighbors and other safe places within the community.

We would like to thank all of our supporters and donors that helped us during these hard times. We would not be able to pull back so strongly without you. We want to spread hope throughout the community and help each other out. Nothing can overcome us as long as we have hope and offer love and support to each other. Thank you everyone!