Computer (1)

Our students at Children’s Future have been learning how to use their creativity. Children have been attending computer classes where they learn many things. They are taught how to use different applications and programs on the computer. Two of our students have been enjoying computer classes very much and they have excelled through the years. Srey Thai is 14 years old and Phalla is 16 years old and both girls are students of Dewey International University. They have both been taking computer classes and have improved their computer skills very much.

        Srey Thai has been taking computer classes since the 5th grade and Phalla joined since 10th grade. Since joining the class they both learned how to use Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Photoshop, Primer, the Internet and other different exercises on the computer. They both became interested in taking computer classes because they realized that it would help them excel in their studies. Taking notes would be easier because you spend less time on writing because typing is faster. Supplies like pen and paper will no longer need to be carried around either because everything is conveniently on the computer. Computer class made it easier for them to find a job. It also serves as a fast way to research things and one of their most favorite things they learned was how to use Primer. Primer makes it easy for them to illustrate their ideas to share them and also make stories for other people to enjoy.

        The girls have been working on a video project and have been busy planning on how to produce it. They pick their projects daily and try to figure out which actors/actresses they need and what their script would be and whether it would be hard to film. After that they also pick their supplies, props, and setting then prepare to film. They film scene by scene after brainstorming about each one and film it to their perfection. After that they will choose a title for their film. Every group had a time frame of one month to finish their films.

        The most interesting thing about making a movie is how the girls can choose a topic and be able to illustrate to a larger group of people for them to understand their idea. They love sharing their ideas with other people to teach people about things. They found that making a film is hard because sometimes they have a small amount of team members so they all do more than one thing. It’s hard to do costumes because they have other roles and filming is hard without a tripod because the video is shaky. Some costumes also blend the characters into the background so it is timing consuming to change things at the last minute. They also find it difficult to film because some students are shy and they do not have acting experience. Editing the video is also hard because they have to choose the right background and make sure the audio and video is correct.

        Despite all of the difficulties and their troubles, they girls are very proud to show their film to their fellow classmates and teachers. They are very prideful to see that they are young but can make a film by themselves. They are happy to see that they can work together and complete such a big task. They enjoy seeing the reaction of their classmates and teachers, they want to make them laugh and happy. The girls would like to ask for help in getting better supplies for their computer class. They would also like for the timeframe to complete the film be longer because they need more time than one month.  They also wish that the other students will join the computer class and also learn how to use these programs. They wish that this computer class will be around for other students to enjoy and learn from also.

        We are all very proud of the girls and all of the students in the computer class. We hope to see much more films being produced and shared. It is a great feeling to see the children learning and enjoying what they learn. Great job girls!   

Check out a sample of their work! This one’s called “Nith Mey La”: