When Children’s Future first encountered Sochenda, age 9, and her family, none of the children were in school. Their mother was a widow and the only caretaker of six children. Children’s Future supported the family with food and rice and made it possible for them to move back into their home and for the children to go to school.

Last year we helped the family buy a rechargeable battery so that they could have light at night. Since then, Sochenda has been performing much better in school and has been doing her homework regularly. With encouragement from her social worker and her teacher, she is now attending school daily and achieving being recognized for her academic success.

Sochenda told us that the key to success in school is “trying”. Her teacher pointed out that Sochenda attempts to solve even difficult problems confidently and is not afraid of making mistakes. She is often the first to raise her hand and answer a question. Sochenda adds that she dreams of being a teacher or a doctor in the future.

These are the core values that Children’s Future tries to teach and motivate in our students – that they need to believe in themselves and believe that their efforts lead to success.